Conversation is getting louder that there will be a special election next year if Jerry Brown wins the governorship as reported by KQED’s Jon Myers. Brown’s meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board in which he mentioned the possibility of a special election increased the speculation.

I think it’s a sure thing and have for some time. I’ll even predict the date: May 17, 2011.

Brown said he plans to work on the next budget immediately after getting elected. If he can’t get past the hurdles his predecessor couldn’t jump in the polls-apart legislature, he will take his solution to the voters. Since Brown’s mantra is that he will not support taxes unless the people approve, his solution will probably include tax increases on the ballot.

Democratic legislators already seeking tax increases to balance the budget will be accommodating and the public employee unions who are all-in with their support for Brown will be cheering him on.

The Los Angeles City election is scheduled May 17. Coordinating the state wide election with the election already set in the largest city in the state will save a few bucks and perhaps insure a larger voter turnout for the election. Since L.A. is a Democratic stronghold, Brown strategists will see this as an advantage in passing tax measures.

If the election results are what Brown and his supporters hope, they can fashion a budget by the June 15 deadline.

Ironically, if the special election occurs on May 17 it will be within two days of the second anniversary of the last special election. On May 19, 2009, voters knocked down every ballot measure that was promoted as a budget solution.

Might history repeat itself?