Steel yourselves: you’re about to hear a lot of Republican praise for, of all things, the Cuban government.

Yes, it’s the next insane and deceptive talking point on the horizon, in California and around the country.

In case you missed it, the Cuban government has decided to downsize, in what is being portrayed as the beginning of a move to a more market-oriented economy. Since an estimated 85 percent of Cuba’s 5.5 million workers are employed by the state, this would seem to be a good idea. The island’s official labor issue even issued a statement saying that "our state can’t keep maintaining…bloated payrolls."

While comparisons between Cuba and, say, California are ridiculous, this won’t stop Republicans from having a little fun with the news. The talking points write themselves:

"Even the Cuban government has realized it needs to downsize to compete, by shedding government workers. Cuban communists understand this, so why don’t California Democrats?"

"The public employees union in Cuba is going along with reform of the public sector, but here they’re fighting us."

Etc… etc… etc.

So let’s keep track. Every time you hear the Cuba situation referenced in a California political context, set aside $1 to give to the charity of your choice. And if you’re a consultant on the Whitman campaign, make that $50 per mention. ($100 if it’s Whitman herself making the reference).