Prop 23 = temporarily postponing AB 32 until economy improves
Meg Whitman = one-year delay of AB 32
Jerry Brown = Immediate AB 32 implementation and increased costs

Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman agrees that AB 32 will be a job
killer and hopes that as Governor she would be able to delay it until
it can be fixed. But to make sure AB 32 is delayed, voters must support
Prop 23. We can’t leave this to chance.

California’s economy already looks like this:

  • 51st worst place to do business for the last four years according to Chief Executive Magazine
  • One of the worst public policy climates for small business/entrepreneurship according to the Small Business Survival Index 2009
  • 49th in "business friendliness" according to CNBC’s Annual Survey of Top States for Business
  • Lost more than 630,000 manufacturing jobs over the last decade.

California was a clean tech leader before AB 32, and suspension won’t change that: 

Hoping that our leaders will take action to fix AB 32 is not enough
given our declining manufacturing base and high unemployment rate,
notwithstanding our existing greenhouse gas efficiency leadership. CMTA
supports Prop 23 as the only sure way to temporarily postpone the high
costs of AB 32 until the economy improves.

Voters must choose California’s economy and support Prop 23 in November.