Rarely do you read a devastatingly funny yet as serious a
political book as Gov. Jerry Brown’s Destruction of the California

While the title seems like a reach, by the time
you’ve read about judges who grow pot in their home, chauffeured
murderers, violated court orders and voted to overturn every murder
conviction that came before them, you will ask yourself where Governor
Brown found so many of these fruitcakes.   The book anticipates and
answers that question and includes the perspectives of Democrats like
Senator Alfred Alquist that Brown "seems to have gone out of his way to
appoint people who are extremely controversial."

It’s easy to
see why former Governor Pete Wilson, past California District
Attorneys’  Association President Ed Jagels, Senator Tony Strickland,
and Assemblyman Jim Nielsen all praise the book.

While Brown
left the governor’s office 28 years ago, the book establishes the fact
that we are still cleaning up his mess.  Serial killer Rodney Alcala,
"The Dating Game Killer," was just convicted for the third time for the
same murder of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe.  His first conviction was
overturned by Brown’s Supreme Court Chief Justice, Rose Bird, as
outlined in the Prologue.

The obstacles that Brown’s judges put
in the way of law enforcement and prosecutors were outrageous and Kern
County District Attorney Ed Jagels on the book’s website www.JerryBrownFactCheck.com
tells of light but deadly serious moments at a national gathering of
prosecutors where other state prosecutors would ask for a "California
story" and be amazed at how out of control California was.

book also contains serious articles by President Ronald Reagan’s
Attorney General Ed Meese, a former California Appeals Court Judge, and
others outlining the problems with Brown’s courts and what had to be
done to fix them in Part III of the book.

Californian’s problems
are so bad that some might say that they can’t possibly get worse;
remember how out of control crime was in the Jerry Brown years? ?  
This book will remind you that Brown’s Supreme Court Chief Justice
ruled Prop. 13 was unconstitutional (p 81). 

Thank goodness a majority of the court disagreed.  Outlined in the chapter entitled "We Take Care of Our Own," a majority of the Supreme Court found multiple rapes and worse did not constitute great bodily harm.

Go to www.JerryBrownFactCheck.com
and buy Gov. Jerry Brown’s Destruction of the California Judiciary 
today. Read about how one of Jerry’s appointments who sentenced a
convicted rapist to go to church, not prison.   It is also available
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