The San Francisco Chronicle has uncovered a scathing error at the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The newspaper has just published that the California Air Resources Board has “grossly miscalculated pollution levels” that were being used to further crack down on the state’s air standards.

The California Air Resources Board didn’t miss the mark slightly. They miscalculated California’s air pollution levels by a stunning 340 percent. That’s 340%.

The Chronicle reports that the stark errors in the Air Resources Board’s research “raise questions about the performance of the agency as it is in the midst of implementing the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 – or AB 32 as it is commonly called.”

This error comes after the Air Resources Board vastly overinflated the number of diesel-related deaths in 2009, suggesting that 18,000 Californians had died prematurely when the number was actually a fraction of that.

If we can’t trust the state’s most powerful environmental board to calculate basic statistics correctly, what can we trust them to do?

Here’s an idea: Until the Air Resources Board cleans up their own act, we shouldn’t trust them to clean up our air. California can’t afford to implement AB 32 now anyway, let alone leave its implementation up to a bunch of bumbling Barney Fifes over at the Air Resources Board. I wouldn’t trust these people to clean up my cat litter box.

What’s worse than the latest miscalculation itself is the fact that CARB refuses to take full responsibility for the egregious error. Staffers claim the overestimate is simply due to the sluggish economy which disrupted construction and thereby the use of heavy machinery and other diesel-fueled vehicles. But the Chronicle reports that “Independent researchers, however, found huge overestimates in the Air Board’s work… and attributed the flawed work to a faulty method of calculation – not the economic downturn.”

Don’t expect CARB Chairwoman Mary Nichols to explain, either. She doesn’t answer to you, the People, nor to the news Media. Not even to the San Francisco Chronicle. She “offered no explanation when the Chronicle questioned her about the diesel emissions miscalculation.”

Of course not. She has a $180-Billion taxpayer boondoggle to protect.

You see, if we voters don’t support Proposition 23 and suspend the costly implementation of AB 32, Nichols and her ACORN-esque “environmental justice” friends will be able to cash in on the biggest scam to be pulled on taxpayers in California history.

But the errors and half-truths don’t end at the California state line. This scenario is merely the latest in a long line of fuzzy science on the topic. “The Economist” magazine is set to publish today a story that “electric vehicles are neither as useful nor as green as their proponents claim”: (story here)

You may also remember that Spain’s economy nearly collapsed this year under the weight of their aggressive green agenda – after their elected officials told them it would create loads of green jobs (sound familiar?) And of course there were those pesky infamous e-mails last year in which the world’s leading global warming scientists were snickering behind all of our backs, suggesting that even they didn’t know if global warming existed.

All of these little fibs we’ve been told add up to one great big green lie.

Tell the California Air Resources Board to get their facts straight. Tell them you won’t give them another dime of your hard-earned money until they do. And on your Vote-by-Mail Ballot this week, don’t hesitate: Vote Yes on Proposition 23.