Just eighteen months ago, the Parent Revolution launched with a video making a simple promise to parents – organize the parents in your community, and we will find a way to guarantee you a great school. It was a crazy promise, but we knew it was possible, because when parents stand together and speak with one voice, nobody can stop us. That video launched a massive grassroots movement that proved us right – a grassroots movement which has marched all the way from LAUSD headquarters to Sacramento, demanding the power to fix our broken schools.

Now I am excited to share a new video marking the next chapter in Parent Revolution history: the official Parent Trigger video! Click here to watch our new video which will help all parents throughout California understand their new power under the Parent Trigger.

The Parent Trigger gives the power to parents to set the direction for their neighborhood schools. Parents are in control. This is revolutionary.

Now it is up to all of us to use this new law to take back and transform our schools for our children and their collective future.