NFIB is committed to supporting pro-small business policies that strengthen our economy, and provide our members with stability. One very important priority in our agenda and for our members is fiscal responsibility. We oppose wasteful government spending, which directly threatens free enterprise.

One of the key priorities for our members is fiscal responsibility and a commitment to free enterprise. Small businesses oppose wasteful government spending, which impedes job creation and exacerbates the already-unstable environment that government is fostering.

Our members support: fiscal responsibility, ensuring small businesses have low and predictable tax liability, and reducing job-killing regulatory burdens. Additionally, we will continue to educate small businesses on the recently-passed healthcare law, which will increases their costs and is a loaded with new taxes, mandates and fees.

To better educate lawmakers and the public about fiscal responsibility, NFIB will begin airing an issue advocacy campaign in targeted areas around the country. Our message is clear: Lawmakers must stop wasting our money.

Here in California the ads will be running in Congressional district 11 – take a moment to watch and let us know what you think.