Depending upon which poll you read, the races for statewide offices and ballot initiatives are in statistical dead heats today. Which means it’s anyone’s game.

Speaking of games, the Giants clenched the World Series last night. Sure, seems natural now that they’ve done it. But let’s rewind a few days, even weeks.

When the Giants went to the playoffs against the Atlanta Braves a few weeks ago, experts said they wouldn’t make it. They said the Braves were a well-organized, establishment team that would be hard to beat. But we did it anyway.

When the Giants proceeded to the semi-finals against the Phillies, sports pundits said the Phillies had the spunk and the talent to whoop the Giants. Even Giants fans took pause, saying we could never beat the Phillies at home. We beat them anyway.

As we advanced to the World Series, the Giants took on the Texas Rangers – a team with a tradition of victories and passionate fans. We beat them anyway and oh, by the way, at their home stadium.

Today’s critical Election Day is no different. It is anyone’s game. And while the past few months and weeks has been largely the work of consultants, donors, and the candidates, today WE are the players. It is up to each and every one us. The bases are loaded, it is the bottom of the ninth, and the question is: are we going to hit it out of the park?

It’s anyone’s game. Vote.