CALA would like to applaud Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani (D-17) for being a part of the recent delegation that went to Texas to hear from businesses and other officials about ways to encourage job creation. The delegation was led byAssemblymember Dan Logue (R-3) and included nine other lawmakers plus Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. Texas has added 165,000 jobs over the past three years while CA has lost 1.2 million, so it is good that a group of decision makers hit the road to find out what the problem is with California and what can be done.

The fact that Asm. Galgiani was willing to be a part of the delegation should be applauded, as should Lt. Governor Newsom. Asm. Galgiani’s district is in the heart of the Central Valley and has definitely been experiencing high unemployment. Newsom is a former Mayor, but also a businessman. He understands how the legal climate is tied to job creation. Hopefully they can bring some concrete ideas back for legal reform that will begin to generate jobs.

Two years ago Governor Perry spoke on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and told California some of the things they need to do to improve our situation. Evidently, it fell on deaf ears. He focused on education, tax and regulatory reform, and legal reform. So far we are batting 0/4.

CALA hopes that this trip will provide some good fodder to push forward legal reform, among the many other areas that need attention. As of this date, policy committees have voted down every legal reform in this legislative session. We cannot stay that course. Governor Perry knows it and we are hopeful that Asm. Galgiani and Lt. Governor Newsom will help deliver the message. Cross posted at