The sample ballot from the city of Los Angeles came in the
mail about 10 days ago. Today, I opened it, but something was missing.

Oh, yeah.
An election.

Only after
my third time through did I notice there is something for me to vote on next
Tuesday, May 17-a run-off contest for a Los Angeles Community College Board
seat between Lydia Gutierrez and Scott Svonkin. I follow California politics
for a living but could not pick either one out of a police line-up.

All the
other city contests were settled in the first election back in March. There are
no ballot measures. So this is community college race is all that is left for
those of us in the mid-City area.

What’s the
point? No one will turn out. No one knows the candidates. Yes, the community
colleges are important, and a construction scandal there suggests it’s time for
new leadership. But will this election produce it? Almost assuredly not.

Cancel this