For the past few weeks, a Los Angeles class action
law firm has been advertising for a Government Affairs Director. Now I know you
are wondering, why would we care, but personally, I thought it was a little
funny – a class action law firm looking for a government affairs director with
3-10 years of experience. And I might add that they are paying this position
$70,000 – $110,000 a year. Not bad. I even thought about applying…. kidding.

On one level I guess we should be thrilled that
someone is actually hiring people in California. But seriously, there has not
been any class action reform in this state for years. More than four class
actions are filed every day that California superior courts are in session,
according to the Civil Justice
Association of California
. Not a day goes by, it seems, that there
isn’t another class action notice in the mail telling you that you will receive
a free DVD rental while the lawyers will get millions.

And this firm, if it is a member of the Consumer
Attorneys of California (CAOC), has very capable representation in the State’s
Capitol. The trial lawyers have contributed over $33.5 million
 over the past decade to make sure their concerns are
taken care of day in and day out.

What would a work week look like for a Government
Affairs Director of a class action law firm? Monday you host a couple of
fundraisers for your favorite legislators. Tuesday you could actually call up
third house lobbyists and tell them that you are about to submit a class action
against their clients. Wednesday is golf. Thursday, maybe check your email to
see if any consumer is being hurt and wants to file a class action. And Friday
you could whip over to the Secretary of State’s office and make sure all the
appropriate filings have been made for your contributions.

Heavy lifting. This firm either has more money than
it knows what to do with or it really does not have a clue what is going on in
the Capitol. Then again, when it wins its next ridiculous class-action lawsuit,
all you and I will get are coupons with little value, while the firm could get
$10,000,000 as their fee. You can see how they have more money and little

Just buy a
membership at Riviera and relax. The way things are going in this state you
have little or nothing to worry about. Just leave it to the CAOC to do the
heavy lifting. Don’t worry. Be happy.