With the
legislature attempting to push the rainy day fund/spending limitation (ACA 4)
off the 2012 ballot with SB 202, the effort to put a spending limit initiative
on the 2012 ballot is heating up. Previously, there had been discussions about
a tighter spending limit than ACA 4 provided. But the pace quickened now that
the legislature is playing games with the rainy day fund proposal.

As I stated
, there is no assurance that ACA 4 will even be on the 2014 ballot.
Another vote could be taken down the road to postpone putting the measure
before voters or its opponents could dump the measure all together at an
opportune time.

An unexpected consequence for the legislators who voted for SB 202 may arise
from the decision to move the rainy day fund/spending limitation, if the
governor signs it.

A segment of the business community felt that the ACA 4 type spending amendment
was the best budget spending reform method. The legislative gimmick would
undercut them. The result could be the business groups that supported ACA 4
might well join forces with those supporting a stricter spending limit and help
get it on the November 2012 ballot.

While legislators and their public union allies are trying to avoid the
proposed rainy day fund/spending limit measure with their shenanigans, the
irony is they may face an even tougher spending limit initiative in November
2012 that has wider and stronger support behind it.