The normally credible Field Poll sadly succumbed today to Red Herring polling that can only be characterized as propagandizing. The Sacramento Bee actually dedicated an entire story to a finding in today’s poll that “even Republican voters” support moving ballot initiatives from June to November.

The problem is it appears Field posed the question as a “reform” without any context that it’s a naked political ploy by labor to change current law to try to gain a favorable ballot outcome. After all, the Hancock bill only moves some, not all, measures to November. Nor are voters told the the proposed law was a product of classic “gut and amend” legislative strong arm tactic, circumventing normal legislative procedures that provide for thorough debate and public disclosure.

Voters usually figure things out. If Governor Brown signs the Hancock bill, there will be plenty of reporting and protesting to illuminate the public to the “agenda” behind the law. I’m confident Republican voters wouldn’t be pleased once they smell the rot of the agenda behind the move.

In a campaign context the poll finding is worthless, it doesn’t simulate the real political environment or consequences for the Governor, or even affected ballot measures, if he signs the bill into law. The poll finding is a Red Herring…which I guess is only fitting since the fish wraps think it’s news.