The California Teachers Association announced its support of Occupy Wall Street yesterday. The teachers declared they are part of the 99% who seek tax fairness — which sets the organization up for announcing a “tax the rich” initiative, which probably will come about soon.

CTA, along with other public unions are considering a number of different initiatives to raise revenues. Whether the unions are working out a plan with Governor Brown, who also has been seeking tax increases to deal with budget deficits, is unclear.

However, from all indications, a “tax the rich” plan seems to be pulling ahead of other tax increase ideas as the likely ballot measure. CTA’s action yesterday appears to confirm that notion.

Expect a race to tax the rich by figures in both the federal and state governments because that is one tax increase that shows well in the polls.

If the president is successful with his “tax the rich” effort before a measure appears on a California ballot, will that undercut those supporting the state effort? It certainly won’t stop supporters of a “tax the rich” measure if they think such a plan is their best hope for a tax increase. However, it could alter some of the campaign arguments and rhetoric.