During the first week of every October, CALA recognizes Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week and works to educate consumers, elected officials and community leaders about the toll lawsuit abuse takes on our businesses and communities.

So what is lawsuit abuse? Lawsuit abuse occurs when lawsuits are filed for reasons other than to obtain justice. Our civil justice system is under attack by unscrupulous lawyers who game the legal system for personal profit. These abusive lawsuits harm the economy and job creation, threaten our access to affordable, quality health care, and delay justice for the truly injured by clogging our courts. Lawsuit abuse hurts all of us.

Over the past few years, as our economy has struggled to emerge from the recession, our elected leaders have made numerous pledges to do whatever they can to help bring jobs and economic growth back the Golden State. Their actions have stopped short, however, of tackling one of the biggest issues holding back job creation and economic growth in California – lawsuit abuse.

As a small business owner and a victim of lawsuit abuse myself, I can personally attest that abusive lawsuits can derail plans for job creation and economic growth. A few years ago, my business was targeted by personal injury lawyers. Although their lawsuit was completely without merit, I was forced to settle for nearly $1 million, and had to push back my plans to expand my business and hire new workers.

Throughout Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week, CALA will be working to make sure tell stories like mine to our state’s leaders, and make them realize that bad lawsuits cost good jobs.