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On February 1, California’s 425 local Redevelopment Agencies will be gone — terminated by action of the legislature and Governor, along with an awesome ruling by the State Supreme Court.  Many columns and blog posts have appeared here on Fox & Hounds, or over on the FlashReport, or elsewhere on why the elimination of these agencies is a tremendous public policy victory for the people of California…  If there is going to be one last “Hail Mary” play by the California Redevelopment Association or the League of Cities — look for it in the next 72 hours.

Capitol Democrats have their own reasons for not wanting to extend the life of these RDA’s – primarily ending the diversion of tax dollars into the RDA’s.  Republicans should be opposing any efforts to throw a lifeline to RDA’s this week for three important reasons…

Let the RDA’s fade to black.  And then Republicans should, like hawks, be watching the discussion about the formation of any kind of “replacements” for RDA’s — and making sure that none of the three elements listed above are present.