As California Republican Party’s spring convention Saturday’s lunch was about to commence, featuring presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, hundreds of Ron Paul supporters stormed into the Hyatt. Paul’s supporters took over the main display area at the hotel, and crammed into balconies and stairways. Their chanting could be heard throughout the hotel, halting conversations, committee meetings and luncheon attendees.

Sound familiar?

During the last CRP convention at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, hundreds of Paul supporters stormed their way in and awoke hotel guests with raucous cheers and whistles, whoops and screams around 6:30am.

There is no doubt that Ron Paul has emphatic and passionate supporters, even dare I say more so than any other 2012 presidential candidate. This is not new information, though the question becomes how does it benefit Ron Paul’s campaign?

Sure, these outbursts get press (obviously I am helping his campaign by writing this) but is it helping Paul get closer to clinching the nomination? The cost and coordination of hundreds of people is expensive and laborious.

Why not take those resources and energy to blanket nearby neighborhoods and identify supporters. Knocking on doors can change election results up to 8% experts say.  Maybe these campaign supporters could even join us at the CRP convention and educate attendees on why Ron Paul is the best candidate using reason and intelligence.

I fully support freedom of speech and if you want to be a bull in a china shop, by all means go for it.  I’m merely suggesting a reevaluation of the way their campaign uses its manpower.

If true change within the party is the goal of Ron Paul supporters, please just realize it’s not going to happen by waking us up early or not letting us eat lunch.  That makes for one grumpy Republican.