Each year, the National Federation of Independent Business, California polls its members on state and national issues vital to their survival as entrepreneurs.  The results of this year’s poll were released Tuesday, and not much was a surprise.

Based on the results, it’s not surprising how impassioned mom and pop businesses on Main Street are about government responsibility and accountability.  They are concerned about how their money is spent – they think that government ought to do what small business owners are used to doing every day: stop spending more than you bring in.

The 2011 California Member Ballot asked the following four questions and received the accompanying percentages of responses.

Should NFIB support legislation requiring a statewide 25 percent participation goal for small businesses in state procurement and contracts?

YES                             59%

NO                              20%

UNDECIDED           19%

Should NFIB support reforms that require labor unions to get annual written permission from each union member prior to using a portion of their dues for political activities?

YES                             94%

NO                              2%

UNDECIDED            2%

Do you support legislation that provides tax incentives and public money for businesses to promote economic development and job growth?

YES                             43%

NO                              44%

UNDECIDED            11%

Should California adopt a state spending cap which limits annual increases in state spending to factor in only inflation plus population growth?

YES                             86%

NO                              5%

UNDECIDED           8%