Sacramento State University, offering what no other institution can claim, has led the way in educating the leaders who run California’s government and the visionaries whose ideas carry us forward. It’s time for alumni in the capitol community to recognize and celebrate their unique experience by joining together and building a solid network in talent and numbers.

The new Hornets Policy and Politics Alumni organization, set to officially launch on April 12 with a reception for alumni to connect and network, seeks to help leverage the special bond that so many in our political community share: Sacramento State.

Alumni of graduate and undergraduate programs at Sacramento State are joining ranks, across majors and cohorts, to leverage the university’s value and unique proximity to the State Capitol to the benefit of its students, faculty, and alumni, as well as the surrounding community. Given these characteristics, it’s only fitting that such a group exists.

Moreover, by joining under the green and gold banner of Sacramento State, the new organization elevates the importance of learning, thoughtfulness, and dialogue in today’s politics and governance.

California, a place where dreamers make the impossible happen, has a rich and dynamic political arena where trends are set. There’s never a lack of newly discovered challenges that are often solved by innovative policy positions or a politician’s campaign promise. The world is watching our actions and decisions. At the center of it all is Sacramento, a destination city that attracts young leaders, movers and shakers and ambitious activists working to make change and their mark on society.

Be it to push an issue area or influence the political process, Sacramento State is largely responsible for developing the foundation of academic commitment, leadership and professional curiosity for those who make California’s capitol function and excel.

Each year, the University equips the thousands of legislative aides, managers, analysts, journalists, advocates, elected officials, and others who tackle the policy, fiscal, administrative, and political issues driving California’s most critical decisions. Training in a host of related majors prepares alumni to parse through talking points, understand trade-offs and master the ability to shift the debate.

Alumni are finding ways to give back to the academic foundations that got them started, using the education with which they graduated, and the professional experience they gained thereafter. In return, participating alumni will expand their own networks and tap into a new reservoir of professional development opportunities and experience.

To this end, the Hornets Policy and Politics Alumni is a catch-all alumni organization for all majors which aims to become an important center of professional networks, enjoined by mutual scholastic pursuits, that enriches and ultimately enhances our political and governmental process, the careers of young professionals, the opportunities of current students, and the support system for faculty.

Additionally, the group will host a speaker’s series, networking events, and symposia. The group will also better bridge the Capitol community to the classroom as alumni organize collective ways of providing immediate industry feedback and recommendations to faculty. And the Hornets will pursue a long-term goal of eventually fundraising to support student scholars and endowments for faculty development.

Most importantly, the Hornets Policy & Politics Alumni will highlight and enhance the relevance of higher education in our politics and governance.

Come Hornets, it’s time to step-up, get engaged and celebrate your education; your alma mater.