Governor Jerry Brown celebrates his 74th birthday tomorrow and like all birthday celebrants he is probably thinking about presents. On the policy front, I suspect there are two presents he would like to have but both would be delayed until November.

There is no question the governor wants to see his tax measure passed. He believes the tax increase will relieve the strain on the state budget and assist him to better govern the state. Since this is the governor’s birthday, I make no counter argument today.

While birthday revelers often make no mystery what they would like to receive as a present, many also have a present in mind they secretly hope to receive.

My guess in the governor’s case is that along with the tax increase, the governor would like to see the Stop Special Interest Money initiative pass in November. Oh, he won’t say so publically. But, it would be a pleasant surprise if it comes to pass for I suspect he believes that measure would also assist him to better govern the state.

Without the constant pressure of the moneyed interests pressuring the legislature, it would be easier for Brown to manage the state according to his well-known governance model: row a little on the left and row a little on the right.

Happy birthday, governor.