You can always tell a Republican, but you can’t tell him much. So it’s probably a waste of breath to give the GOP free advice.

But here it goes, anyway. The big cuts to adult education programs in Los Angeles and around the state represent an opportunity.

Democrats and Gov. Jerry Brown have opened the door to such cuts, giving school districts more freedom in how they use money that comes their way. That’s not a bad policy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good politics for Republicans to point out how districts are using that discretion.

Republicans should make a major push to find money for adult education – and to emerge as its champions. Have a prominent Republican threaten a ballot initiative if need be.

Why the emphasis? Because adult education provides more than a way to poke at Democrats (and at Brown, who also cut adult ed in his first governorship). It’s an opportunity for Republicans to stay true to their values while speaking to diverse, urban audiences that they badly need to reach.

The adult education cuts will hit hardest in LA and San Jose. Many of those in adult education are people who are striving for a better life – very Republican – but need to learn English because they are immigrants, or other basic skills because something in life drew them away from education.

Wouldn’t it be nice, Republicans, to champion something that means something to immigrants? To say that you support a program that offers people an opportunity, if they work hard and seize it, to get ahead?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a positive message at all?And for all those worried about big government, adult ed is cheap. And it’s useful. Good policy and good politics. What an opportunity.