Carl DeMaio is the real thing. In an age of political defeatism and angst, Carl DeMaio earned San Diego citizens trust when they elected him to the city council. With a platform of fiscal reform, DeMaio offered honest and real solutions to San Diego’s financial melt-down.  DeMaio’s ideas and approach as he runs for Mayor of San Diego are drawing national attention – and his success is winning converts and being imitated across the country.  So much so that big labor has made him a top target to defeat in this election.

Today San Diegans face a stark choice. Ronald Reagan’s leadership was built on the idea of “raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors “.  We must support those candidates with conservative, fiscally responsible values.

The resurgence of the Republican Party in California will depend on candidates advocating a reform agenda and Carl DeMaio’s campaign is the model for such resurgence.

You have probably heard of his opponent, Nathan Fletcher.  Nathan worked for me twice. First with I ran for state chairman of the California Republican Party, then when I appointed him as Political Director. I know Nathan well.  I even contributed to him.  Sadly, Nathan lost his purpose and direction.

When elected to the Assembly in Sacramento he began compromising with the very people who have systematically looted taxpayers for decades.  Certainly, Reagan, didn’t compromise.

Nathan appeared before the local Republican Party with Carl asking for the Party endorsement.  When Carl won the local GOP endorsement, Nathan stormed out of the room.  The next week he became “Independent” further abandoning any conservative principles he had left.

But Nathan didn’t just abandon the Republican Party – he has abandoned the taxpayers.  This year alone, Fletcher has missed 70 percent of legislative sessions including over 260 votes but still took his $95,000 taxpayer funded salary.

Carl DeMaio is a leader for our party and for San Diego.