Despite the rain, nothing can dampen the enthusiasm in Tampa as we start the RNC Convention this week. Yesterday morning, I got to spend time with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  As Governor Christie shared with us, New Jersey and California faced very similar challenges.  But while New Jersey and California were confronted with high unemployment and massive budget deficits that was holding back innovation and economic growth, each state took a different path.  Under Governor Christie’s leadership, he enacted pro-growth reforms and balanced their state’s budget without raising taxes. California unfortunately under Governor Jerry Brown and a Democrat-controlled legislature continues to pursue misguided and reckless policies of more taxes, more regulations, and more spending.  I believe California is ready for a new course that improves our business climate, brings on economic certainty, and rejects higher taxes. The time is now for us to act and get involved to turn California around.

The upcoming November election can mark the great American comeback.  As Americans, we have the ability to determine the kind of country we want and our choices could not be more clear.  This country is hungry for leadership.  Leadership that will end the economic uncertainty that plagues our economy.  Leadership that will halt massive tax increases on our small business owners and innovators.  Leadership that will unleash our economy by removing the burdens of over regulation.

After we send Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to the White House, we will have leaders that will get government off the backs of our job creators and put an end to the reckless tax and spend economic policies that have failed for the past four years.

I truly believe our best days are ahead of us and I always believe that our country and our state will rise to meet any challenge. My family and I flew into Tampa late Sunday night after moving our son into his college dorm this weekend.  It’s definitely an exciting time for the McCarthy family but it’s a reminder of what is at stake this upcoming election. What future are we leaving the next generation? We must look to what has always made America and California great — not government, but individuals working hard striving to build a better future for their family and their community.