Last night was such an inspirational night. We saw why my friend Congressman Paul Ryan was chosen by Governor Mitt Romney to serve as our next Vice President of the United States. His speech was a home run!

Paul’s speech laid out a bold vision that all Americans will embrace. By reapplying our fundamental principles that founded this nation, we can once again revitalize our country to renewed prosperity.

The Paul Ryan I know is a man of faith and humility. I remember talking to Paul right before he was selected and his reply was that he was just honored to be considered. He was actually eyeing a new barbeque grill that his wife said he could get if he ended up not being chosen. I sure hope Janna and the kids will still let him get that grill.

Paul Ryan is a serious leader that has never shied away from a challenge. And with our fiscal and economic challenges that confront our country, we have the right team ready to lead.

As Condoleezza Rice stated, “We cannot be reluctant to lead – and one cannot lead from behind.” And after hearing from leaders like New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, former Secretary of State Condi Rice, and of course Congressman Ryan, we have the beginnings of the great American comeback!