Yesterday evening, America got to see a humble man of strength and character accept the nomination to be our next President of the United States.  And I am energized more than ever to help elect America’s comeback team, soon to be President Mitt Romney and Vice President Paul Ryan!

As I wrote earlier in the week, our family recently moved our son into college. The America I want to leave him and my daughter is a country that rewards hard work and sacrifice to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Governor Mitt Romney understands what is holding back our nation’s economic prosperity.  It is the burdens of taxes on our job creators.  It is the economic uncertainty that plagues our local small business owners as they do not know what new regulations will be placed on them.  It is the lack of access to capital when our small businesses are just trying to survive.  And it is the growing debt and deficits that must be reined in so our economy may flourish.

As I stood on the convention floor and I watched the enthusiasm and the patriotism of everyone in the convention hall, I am optimistic and excited about America’s future.  The energy that I saw is what will fuel our nation’s comeback.

Our nation has never shied away from a challenge, and I know Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan are up to the task of turning our country around.  As I listened to Michael Eruzione, the captain of the 1980 gold medal U.S. hockey team speak, I could not help but remember challenges of that time period.  America faced challenges abroad, we had an energy crisis, and tremendous economic struggles.  Just like in 1980, we ushered in new bold leadership in Ronald Reagan that unleashed America’s potential.  Just like in 1980, we currently face similar circumstances, and we now have the opportunity to renew our country’s greatness. The work will be hard, but together it can be done.