The No on Prop 30 campaign (in which I am involved) issued its first campaign video pointing out how legislators spent the summer — giving reasons for the voters to oppose Prop 30’s sales and income tax increase on November’s ballot. Some might remember the Yes on 30’s first video, which I discussed on this site. That’s the video about a $50 billion tax increase that forgot to mention the word TAX.

Take a look at the No on Prop 30 video:

Here are some of the reasons revealed over the summer months that might cause voters to oppose the tax increase.

7/15    Sacramento Bee exposes a secret vacation payout scheme in the Parks Department costing taxpayers $271,000.

7/18    Senate and Assembly are caught giving pay raises to staff. Governor Brown later admits that he too gave staff pay raises.

7/19    Governor Brown signs bullet train bill, saddling taxpayers with $380,000,000 per year in interest payments alone (approximately the same amount by which he has cut higher education).

7/20    Parks announces $54,000,000 in hidden assets

7/24    Brown Administration admits that $37 billion in special funds are monitored through an “honor system.”

8/3      Brown Administration concedes that hundreds of millions of dollars in special funds are unaccounted for.