While Democrats were given an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to creating jobs, controlling spending, and protecting our school children from predators, this session can only be described as one of “missed opportunities.”

The only reason you will hear the Governor and Democratic leaders calling this one of the most productive legislative sessions in recent history is because they are still trying to dupe you and your family into forking over billions of dollars in new taxes and fees.

What happened to all those vital California reforms we were promised?  Some of the opportunities squandered in this session include:

Rather than a productive legislative session, the Democrats ruling Sacramento spent the last two years serving up a medley of missed opportunities. Instead of spending time sifting out government waste, they simply ask for more tax dollars. Instead of promoting job creation and regulatory reforms, the Democrats produced hundreds of new bills and regulations. Nothing has been done to help struggling families find work, or to convince companies and businesses to expand here in California.

Our Golden State is in desperate need of repair.  Partial solutions will not fix our state and certainly will not help get Californians back to work.  The people of California deserve real leadership, not another year of missed opportunities.

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