The Brown Administration labeling a judge’s early release order of inmates “a terrible idea that jeopardizes public safety” is nothing but a smokescreen.  Rather than housing prisoners in cost-effective contracted facilities, the administration would rather be forced into an early release situation to comply with the federal court order – a smokescreen to hide the wrong-headed policies of this administration.

Eliminating the use of contracted facilities will only exacerbate the state’s budget crisis.  These contracted facilities can provide immediate relief to prison overcrowding and bring the state into compliance with the court order — without compromising public safety.  This option will also save the taxpayers millions of dollars because a contracted bed costs the taxpayers approximately $65 per day versus approximately $150 per day in prison.

The Governor needs to stop playing politics with prison advocates and labor unions and take responsible actions to comply with the court order without jeopardizing public safety in a cost-effective manner.