Many of you already know that CALA (Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse) opposes Prop 37 because it is a lawsuit magnet . There’s more reasons to dislike this proposition than just lawsuits, though. A new study shows that Prop 37 will increase grocery bills  for the typical California family by hundreds of dollars per year.

By requiring food producers to relabel, repackage or remake thousands of common grocery products with higher priced ingredients, the study found that Prop 37 would increase the cost of food sold in California by more than $5 billion per year. These higher production costs would be passed on to California families through higher food prices, increasing the typical family’s grocery bill by an average of $350 to $400 per year.

Lawsuits already increase the cost of everything we purchase. In fact, every year, an American family of four pays more than $3,200 in a “lawsuit tax” to cover the cost of lawsuits. The last thing California needs to do right now is to add hundreds of dollars to the average California family’s grocery bills. On November 6, be sure to vote to create jobs, not lawsuits. Vote no on Prop 37.