In discussions on new policy directions for California, some try to impress by citing California’s economy as the ninth strongest in the world. That might be impressive if one didn’t know that a couple of decades ago California’s economy ranked sixth in the world.

To the United States Chamber of Commerce, bringing California’s economic recovery to a stronger place among the world’s economies is essential for the American economy comeback. That’s why the Chamber has funded a campaign to encourage state officials to reverse California’s fortunes by making policy decisions that will spur business in the Golden State.

“America’s economy cannot fully recover unless and until California recovers,” said Thomas J. Donohue, the Chamber’s president and CEO. “This can only happen if the state breaks its addiction to excessive government while acting decisively to reverse a serious erosion of its business reputation.”

The Chamber is running an ad in Sacramento and Los Angeles outlining California’s problems, including huge deficits and high taxes. View the ad.

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In addition, the Chamber is creating an education program to inform California voters what many insiders already know – the state has a poor reputation for encouraging business growth.

The Chamber released an in-depth study that outlines, “the competitive challenges and economic changes that are reshaping California’s job market.”

The study is part of an education and grassroots effort that includes a website for the campaign known as The California Comeback.

The US Chamber’s formula for improving the California economy: end the addiction to government spending, reform public employee pensions, and rein in excessive regulations and lawsuits.

“If the Golden State can break out of the vicious, failed cycle of tax, spend, borrow, regulate, and sue, then there is no question that we will see a California comeback,” Donohue said.