On Friday, Common Cause filed a complaint about the Arizona organization that donated $11 million to our PAC, which is primarily formed to oppose the Proposition 30 tax increase and support Prop 32’s political contribution reforms. The governor piled on over the weekend saying the donation was illegal. The donation is not illegal, SBAC has followed every rule and even did more than was required by law. During the June primary, the same type of donation took place without a word of protest from either Common Cause or the governor — showing that last week’s protests are political in nature.

In the primary, the out-of-state Lance Armstrong Foundation gave $1.5 million in undisclosed donations to the campaign to pass Proposition 29, the cigarette tax increase measure.

Not one word of protest from Common Cause.

Why? Could it be that Common Cause was sympathetic to the goals of Proposition 29? We know the organization has taken a leadership role in opposing Proposition 32, which is curious in itself, but could explain why the group has complained about the latter donation and not the former.

As to the governor’s attack, it’s pretty clear that his message on Prop 30 is not resonating with voters as the measure continues to slip in the polls. His desperate and politically motivated attack is not going to convince any voter that Prop 30 is a good idea.