Why is Darrell Steinberg still picking on millionaires?

On the heels of successfully promoting a new “millionaire’s tax,” Proposition 30, the leader of the State Senate has proposed using his new supermajority legislative power to “alter the initiative process in a way that makes it harder for millionaires to impose their will by spending vast sums qualifying a measure for the ballot.”

This is adding insult to injury – after sticking millionaires with a retroactive tax increase, he’s going to make a grab for their access to the ballot initiative.

I certainly hope the millionaires don’t leave this slap unanswered. I propose that a “Coalition of the Wealthy” approach Sen. Steinberg to urge him to change his mind. I have some delegates in mind:

(Even though she shares the politics of my delegation, Molly Munger, promoter of Proposition 38, the defeated rival of Proposition 30, probably shouldn’t attend.)

To be sure, Democrats are not the only wealthy Californians who have sought a popular vote on public policy via the initiative. George Joseph, Charles Munger and Arnold Schwarzenegger have bankrolled ballot measures to advance their public policy visions. But it is striking that a tool that is used so frequently by wealthy liberals and labor unions is under fire by leading Democrats.

Senator Steinberg: give the millionaires a break!