Today is Veteran’s Day, an opportunity for us to pause and salute those who stand up to protect our country. Three years ago, I wrote a piece on Fox and Hounds on Veteran’s Day titled, Politics as Usual—A Veteran’s Day Tribute. It told the story of my father, Harry Fox, a decorated World War II soldier, and concluded this way:

With scorn heaped on our politics by many observers, you have to wonder if the men and women who make such sacrifices in the service of our country are proud of the way our democracy functions?

Democracy can be defined as the right of people to disagree vociferously within the political process. Our soldiers knew 65 years ago, and know today, that they fight against systems that do not stand such dissension.

To the strong, long line of those who serve our country from my dad’s time to today in the battle to preserve freedom, it is time to say thank you for giving us the chance to continue our loud, often disagreeable political frays.

Our political squabbles continue, but the ability to contest those policy ideas is protected by the men and women who serve in our military. We thank them for their service.


Editors Note: This post was originally published for Veterans Day last year.