The Great Election of 2012 is over and now we all need to get down to business. Washington has its problems with a fiscal cliff and California has serious financial and unemployment issues. The voters want leadership and results and they really do not want to have to deal with it every other year on the ballot. They want it now.

Our leaders need to understand how lawsuit abuse is hurting our economy, and how legal reform is part of the solution to help the economy grow and create jobs. We need to create a business climate where businesses can thrive and investors can feel confident. This is certainly not the present situation in California.

I have no doubt that the trial lawyers in California are going to be ready to push an ambitious agenda in 2013. The Consumer Attorneys of California will have a new president, Brian Kabateck, who is not exactly timid. I know Brian does not tend to believe that our legal climate is particularly bad, but then again he does not regularly speak with small business owners like I do, he just ensures they are served with lawsuits.

Lawsuits and litigation remain a major concern to the public, according to an exit poll of voters released by the Institute for Legal Reform the day after the election. It asked about voter attitudes towards lawsuit abuse and the impact that it has on our economy. Nine out of ten voters surveyed feel there are too many meritless lawsuits.

In addition, a resounding 83% of those surveyed feel the next Congress should reform the lawsuit system. Only 10% stated they did not feel Congress should pass further reforms.

The bottom line is that voters should not be ignored when it comes to their views on legal reform. It has been shown that legal reform can create jobs. Voters understand this, and want their leaders to deliver.