In his autobiography, I’m Mad as Hell, Howard Jarvis gave much credit to building momentum to pass property tax cutting Proposition 13 to late night Los Angeles radio talk show host, Ray Briem. A pioneer in talk radio, Briem passed away this week at age 82. Jarvis said radio talk shows were instrumental in educating the public about property taxes.

Jarvis wrote in his book: “I used to go on the Ray Briem show on radio station KABC in Los Angeles from midnight until dawn. About 1,200 calls would come in and Ray and I would answer about 60 questions on taxes each night. Ray said I was the hottest thing on the air for him; when I was on his show, he got the most calls … The Briem Show was the biggest thing we had going for us over the years.”

A detailed obituary on Briem can be found in the L.A. Times here.