Disclosure that Governor Jerry Brown is being treated for prostate cancer indicates that the governor is effectively dealing with the disease while staying full time on the job. Reports indicate that the disease was caught early and can be dealt with successfully. We wish the governor well. There is every reason to believe he can work through this while being an active chief executive.

It was appropriate for the governor’s office to reveal the situation. As part of the team gearing up for the Riordan for Governor campaign in 2001, I was aware of the decision to reveal that former Los Angeles mayor, Richard Riordan, had treatment for prostate cancer. The announcement was made, it spurred some stories, then went quickly to the background as the campaign developed. The story would have been bigger if our campaign, or in today’s case, the governor’s office, was not the source that revealed the problem.

The governor’s handling of the situation and staying fully focused on the job is a positive example for others to get tested and catch any problems early.

Speedy recovery, Governor Brown.