Everyone knows that California rules the roost when it comes to statewide ballot measures. But did you know that California also has some of the most permissive laws governing the local ballot initiative process? Last year alone, over 400 measures were on local ballots across the state. They addressed a wide range of issues, from zoo taxes in Alameda to an open space initiative in Yuba.

The researchers at Ballotpedia have put together a comprehensive page detailing the laws that govern these processes and Leslie Graves, president of Ballotpedia’s sponsoring non-profit, the Lucy Burns Institute, wrote a handy how-to guide that walks you through the steps necessary to place a measure on your ballot. These two resources, in combination, pack a powerful one-two punch and arm you with everything you need to know. You can download a free copy of the guide on-line, or e-mail Lauren Warden Rodgers at lauren.rodgers@lucyburns.org to have a hard copy sent to you.