In just a few days, you will be asked to make an historic vote, not only for the next mayor of Los Angeles, but also for Prop A, which will give the next mayor and the City the resources it desperately needs to keep our neighborhoods safe. Police officers and firefighters are asking you to join us in voting YES on Prop A.

Over the last five years, Sacramento has taken more than one billion dollars from the City of Los Angeles that goes toward vital City services, including fire, police and 911 emergency services. In addition, Sacramento has taken money that would be used to maintain youth gang prevention and after school programs, remove graffiti, as well as fix potholes and sidewalks.

After years of the most devastating economic downturn in a lifetime, the City of Los Angeles has been plagued with years of severe budget deficits. This year is no different; despite a significant reduction in the City’s workforce and reforming the pension system, Los Angeles faces a budget deficit of more than $200 million that further threatens our most essential services.

Cuts to fire, police and paramedic services are not an option if we want to maintain the current level of protection for our neighborhoods and families. Like so many other cities, Los Angeles has been forced to make cuts to keep the budget balanced. Those cuts have not only been to services like tree trimming and road repair, but to our police and fire departments as well.

Watch to see why Los Angeles leaders such as former Los Angeles Police Officer and Councilmember Joe Buscaino and Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck support Prop A.

We have seen the benefits of crime reduction. If Proposition A fails, we’re going to risk increasing crime in the Los Angeles area.

Proposition A will ensure that everyone pays their fair share, including businesses and the millions of tourists who visit Los Angeles every year to shop, eat and attend events.

Proposition A will cost the average Los Angeles resident about $30 per year, and by law, the tax cannot be applied to food and medicine. Proposition A requires annual independent audits, public review of expenditures and most importantly, these funds cannot be taken away by the state and will only be used to maintain vital City of Los Angeles services.