We’re blowing out the candles on the cake celebrating our 5th anniversary at Fox & Hounds Daily.  We want to thank our readers and our growing subscriber base for all the support they have shown Fox & Hounds over the years. We are proud of the recognition the site has garnered, not only named one of California’s best political blog sites by the Washington Post’s “The Fix” column, but also acknowledgement from frequent followers of the political scene, some samples included below:

At Fox & Hounds, we are not shy about putting up different sides of an argument and even rebuttal pieces (especially to my articles –sigh — it has happened many times). We have tried at all times to remain faithful to our goals stated when we started this site. We created a website not based on ideology, but on the principle that an economically healthy California is a boon to all citizens. As we wrote when we began:” Fox&Hounds Daily‘s mission is to influence the political debate from a different perspective – one that’s concerned with a vibrant economy and economic growth in the Golden State.”

Thanks to my Co-publishers Bryan Merica and Tom Ross; master of all computer technology and all things digital, Chandra Sharma — all of whom have been with F&H from the beginning, and Ashley Hemkin, star managing editor.

Thanks to the “Hounds”–all the contributors who make this site special, and thanks to those who take the time to comment on the pieces.

Most of all, thanks again to our readers. We would not have made five years without your support.