What is wrong with Pete Peterson?

Doesn’t the Republican candidate for Secretary of State understand that he’s running for office?

Doesn’t he know that no politician in his right mind would run on difficult, complicated ideas in this day and age?

Heck, this guy is so clueless that he’s just written a long, thoughtful essay for the California-based magazine Pacific Standard. You must read it, because it’s hysterically naïve.

He’s so out of it that he offers a number of complex, if brilliant, thoughts that could be used against him by anybody running against him. For goodness sakes, there are enough signs of intellectual heft here to get him thrown off the ballot.

Does he remember that he’s a Republican? The essay includes thoughts like this:

…the fiscal crisis has done far more to shrink government in California than any member of the GOP. For reasons both demographic and pragmatic, Republicans—and particularly California Republicans—need to shift their focus from the easy rhetoric of the “size problem” to the more complex “trust problem” that more people can agree on.

And then it gets worse — he gets all specific about ways to deal with that trust problem, by engaging people.

Doesn’t he know that voters don’t like specifics?

You should read this piece because it’s truly unbelievable. It’s not often you see a person running for office because he has important things to say.

I’m sure by the end of 2014, he’ll have learned his lesson.