The Republican Party needs to start back at the basics –and the crux of that basis is data. We need to know what the voter thinks, wants, and will do to vote. Voters are smart. Therefore, to win public office, a political party needs to know who their voter is, where they are, and what they care about. Finally, the party needs to know all the digital ways to communicate with the voter.

Lately, it seems that Republican consultants have decided that they decide all these points either through osmosis or what they hear through groupthink. And they have been making an obscene amount of money on running bad campaigns.

Currently, it appears some light has fallen onto Republican circles. Several Republican groups are trying to develop “voter platform groups.” Voter platforms give campaigns access to massive voter data that can be digitized and put into Apps and on Twitter and other outlets.

However, notice I said groups. These groups are based on different principles striving for different goals. Too often, they are making petty arguments amongst themselves, which, it seems, is what Republicans do these days. We Republicans are better than this.

What I see is large egos and policy differences getting in the way of a great political party.

To me, corrective action is simple. Go to the Silicon Valley, pay the tech experts their enormous and well-earned fees, and get the data. We certainly have paid far more on unsuccessful campaigns these recent years.

Ask questions such as what do voters want today, for their children, for their grandchild. What are their priorities? Develop a voter platform. The Silicon Valley wizards can guide us in how do disseminate this information to lists and how we develop these lists to build a voter platform. This investment would be better than what was spent on the last two presidential campaigns combined.

My fellow Republicans, I have worked with the best Republicans in my lifetime. But now the party looks foolish. We need to join the 21st Century and have ideas for the 21st Century. We need to disseminate these ideas. Quit arguing amongst ourselves! Quit being petty. We are better than this. We need to be better to build back the party and to win again.