Lost in all of the political back and forth over the President’s Health Care Law is a critically important fact – 85% of Americans were basically happy with their doctors and their health care plans. They had other concerns for sure, but they did not want to lose their doctors or their plans in the process.

So whether politically astute or intentionally misleading, the President consistently and forcefully promised Americans that they would keep their doctors under his plan simultaneously accusing his opponents of fraudulently scaring voters. On one occasion he addressed the American Medical Association no less: “If you like your doctor, you WILL be able to keep your doctor, PERIOD….if you like your health care plan, you WILL be able keep your plan, PERIOD”.

A majority of Americans, including his most ardent supporters in major unions and within the professional healthcare lobbying organizations believed him, and thus he secured just enough Congressional support to pass his law. Whether they failed to read the underlying legislation (think Speaker Pelosi), or were simply parroting the Party line, their support, no doubt, was based firmly on the idea that the ACA would help the remaining 15% while leaving their own health care intact.

Today, President Obama, having secured his re-election, has little reason to continue the charade of guaranteeing that you can keep your doctor – he faces no re-election campaign and the political landscape protects the ACA at least until the 2014 Election. Perhaps with that in mind, his Administration has dropped any rhetoric about keeping ones doctor or health care plan. But many Americans are beginning to question the sincerity of the original promise and the polls show it.

As the January 1, 2014 start date approaches, California employers and employees continue to receive letters informing them that they have lost their plans and may lose their doctors. The disappointment is beginning to bleed into all corners of the political spectrum including those who now understand that the ACA actually gets between them and their doctors (think voters who want the government to keep its hands off their bodies). As it turns out, the ACA, in fact, places the government directly between the doctor and patient in ways only now being uncovered.

At the 1988 Republican National Convention, then Vice President George H. W. Bush provided historians with one of the most infamous examples of an unwise political promise by boldly stating “Read my lips, no new taxes”.

Bush’s “Read My Lips” coupled with his eventual change of heart, eroded support not only within his own party, but with independent/libertarian voters as well. The Democrats pounced and not only won the presidential election of 1992, but also maintained Congressional majorities. Yes, Bill Clinton’s “focus like a laser on the economy” carried the day, but make no mistake, it was Bush’s failure to deliver on his promise that opened the door for a Clinton victory.

Bush’s broken tax pledge was politically damaging for him and his party and helped usher in Clinton and the specter of Hillarycare. But tax increases, while a major issue, are reversible – losing your doctor and control over your body is not. Voters are taking notice.

The GOP would do well to focus like a laser on the broken promises of Obamacare holding Democrat Congressional candidates to the same level of scrutiny to which they held Mr. Bush.