Question: What’s the one thing that could wipe the gay marriage celebration from the headlines in San Francisco?

Answer: A strike by Bay Area Rapid Transit workers.

The contracts between the taxpayer funded government transit organization that serves the region and it’s union workforce expired late Sunday night, bringing the first strike of workers since 1997.

This is a catastrophe which has stranded 200,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area who depend on BART daily – right before the July 4th holiday. Now, they must find another way to get around. Their options are limited since congested bridges don’t have the capacity to handle additional cars.

BART management and its unions have indicated that they have no plans as of this writing to return to the bargaining table. They are far apart on issues involving compensation and safety issues, though most who have been polled blame the unions for walking away from the bargaining table.

The economic costs to the San Francisco Bay Area region and the Silicon Valley are staggering and mounting by the day. The unions know that no other shut down of transit would have the economic or personal impact of a strike by BART workers.

Let’s talk about some of the intended and unintended consequences of the union’s militant action –

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