Let me see if I understand your logic correctly, striking inmates of the California state prison system.

You are refusing to eat – and thus risking death, right?

And you are doing this to convince Gov. Jerry Brown to end indefinite solitary confinement and improve other conditions that you can claim are humane? Correct?

And this is the same Jerry Brown who is under federal court order – all the way up to the U.S. Supremes – to reduce the state prison population, right?

And you and your supporters are surprised and angry that Brown and his administration are balking?


Now reread this post up to this point, so we’re straight. And now I have a question: Has it occurred to you that threatening to starve yourself to death to move someone who wouldn’t mind you disappearing off the face of the earth may… let’s say… represent a misperception of your leverage points in this situation?

The best thing that could be said for your illogical strategy is that your decision to stage hunger strike could be used as evidence that some of you are not receiving proper mental health care.

But, in this moment, it would be smarter to come up with a threat that might lead to an increase in the state prison population. If such a threat exists.

Otherwise, it’s time to start eating again. Maybe the food will help you come up with something that might stand a chance of working.