This past week was Admission Day, the holiday marking the date – Sept. 9, 1850 – that California was admitted into the Union.

Maybe 163 years is too long for this marriage.

Yes, Democrats hold the White House and the U.S. Senate in Washington DC, and they have the governorship and big legislative majorities in Sacramento. But that hasn’t cut down on the California vs. DC sniping. If anything, it seems to have ramped up the conflict, as different factions of the Democratic Party battle over issues and the direction of Democratic politics, coast vs. coast.

The array of issues is surprisingly long, and go beyond the hot button of Syria (President Obama was for bombing, at least for a while, and Californians, like much of the country, were against it).

Then there’s health care – an issue where California and DC seem to be on the same page. But give it time, and you can bet there will be more conflict. The Affordable Care Act hasn’t been fully implemented yet.