Over the past week, CALA celebrated Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week. During this week, we featured various supporters on our blog and YouTube page, all with the intention of educating consumers, elected officials and community leaders about the toll lawsuit abuse takes on our businesses and communities.

For 20 years, CALA has been working hand in hand with small business owners to stop lawsuit abuse. As our economy has struggled to emerge from the recession, our elected leaders have made numerous pledges to do whatever they can to help bring jobs and economic growth back to the Golden State. In general, their actions have stopped short, however, of tackling one of the biggest issues holding back job creation and economic growth in California – lawsuit abuse.

Although California has passed some legal reforms, California needs to stop nibbling around the edges and institute significant legal reforms if we are serious about improving the economy and creating jobs. For decades, this state has paved the yellow brick road for the trial lawyers. Now, we need focus on doing everything we can to spur job creation, and the equation is simple: legal reform= more jobs.

CALA has highlighted stories of its supporters’ battles against lawsuit abuse throughout Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week. As lawsuit abuse Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week comes to a close, CALA will continue to post videos of its supporters telling their stories as part of its 20th anniversary celebration. And we won’t stop until California gets the legal reform it needs.