A statewide survey commissioned by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association shows Californians continues to support Proposition 13 and the two-thirds vote requirement to boost taxes on property owners.  Nearly 60 percent of voters agree that reducing the two-thirds vote to 55% to pass local bonds would place an unfair burden on owners of property.

Tone-deaf legislators have introduced a number of bills in Sacramento that would lower the vote required to pass new special taxes, per parcel property taxes and local bonds.  Especially menacing is ACA 8, being considered in the Senate after narrowly passing the Assembly last year.  ACA 8 would lower the currently mandated two-thirds vote threshold for local bonds to 55%, resulting in billions of dollars of new taxes being placed on the backs of property owners.

Average Californians want to see our state thrive and understand that making it much easier to impose higher taxes on homeowners and small business owners, would be a move in the wrong direction, especially after taxes were increased by $7 billion annually, last year.