As most people kick back and take a day off for President’s Day, I’ll take the opportunity to offer a shameless self-promotion for my mystery series that deals with American presidents. The second book in the series is now available. FDR’s Treasure  is a modern day mystery that spins off from the actual visits President Franklin D. Roosevelt took aboard the USS Houston to Cocos Island off Costa Rica, an island notorious for containing buried treasure.

Once again FBI Special Agent Zane Rigby must solve a murder while uncovering the connection between the murder and something in the history of an American president.

Rigby encounters personal, political, and criminal troubles as a beautiful British treasure hunter vies for his affections and Rigby’s nemesis, the Monument Bomber, is determined to blow up Mount Rushmore. To top it off, Rigby is suspected of murder, while an assassin has him clearly in his sites and is ready to pull the trigger.

Rigby must unravel the secret of the treasure of the Bloody Sword or face his own bloody end.

In the first book of the series, Lincoln’s Hand, Rigby had to discover the connection between a modern day murder and an actual historical event — the attempt to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body.

You can read more about both mysteries here or get FDR’s Treasure and Lincoln’s Hand  in paperback or digital format at Amazon.