Job growth is ours to grab or give away. That’s the takeaway from a new survey of employers across Los Angeles County.

A record number of employers responding to a BizFed poll a few weeks ago say that they’re increasingly optimistic about the business outlook this year. Twenty five percent more say business conditions will improve this year than did last year, and 20% more report that they plan to hire than did last year. Employers tell us they aren’t worried about the minimum wage hike, and nearly half anticipate making capital investments in both durable and non-durable goods.

That’s all great news, right? Yes, but. The “but” is employers say that the City of Los Angeles is not friendly to business. And, they say that we have to tackle the cumulative tax and fee burdens within Los Angeles County, the 88 cities in the county, and the state as a whole or all of this optimism will be captured by other regions and other states.

Employers responding to the poll also told us that energy and fuel costs, along with public infrastructure are new worries. Energy and public infrastructure made a leap into the second and third spots in this year’s BizFed poll about employer priorities, moving up from the seventh and 12 spots, respectively, in 2013. Employers report that they need reliable access to affordable energy and adequate waterways, roads, bridges, and railways to continue to operate.

The cumulative effect of these concerns stifles California’s competitiveness for job creation. That’s why it’s imperative that the government, private, and nonprofit sectors come together to cooperate and collaborate. After all, we want the same things – economic vitality and improved quality of life. Take a full look at the 2014 poll and tell us your ideas for how to move forward. By adding your voice, we can mobilize and make a difference.