Illinois, Nevada and Rhode Island: those are the only states in the entire U.S. that have higher unemployment rates than California. What’s gone wrong? While policies set in Sacramento obviously affect our state’s economic climate, much of our foundation is set in Washington, D.C. And, as former Under Secretary of State Jim Glassman explains in USA Today, right now Washington is doing little to help California’s economy.

Glassman argues the U.S. Congress must pass tax reform, immigration reform and new trade agreements in order to help local economies and local employers. He’s right and that’s why I’ve joined the Main Street Growth & Opportunity-California, a group of small business owners, individuals and representatives of local trade and economic organizations that will make the case for these policies to Congress. You can learn more about us by visiting I hope readers will read Mr. Glassman’s op-ed, Main Street’s website and then join us in our efforts.